वृषभ मासिक राशिफल (जनवरी)



Marriage can be very fulfilling, especially if your partner cheers you on and supports you in your ventures. You have a great need for partnership, for both the companionship and conversation it offers. You enjoy bouncing ideas off your partner using him as a sounding board, if you are single you will miss that advice only a life partner can give.

Marriage can bring out the best in you, but you have to be careful that you retain a sense of your own identity as you can be unduly influenced by your partner, who you have a lot of respect for right now.

In some cases, Taurus may feel in the shadow of your partner and that can make you submissive, you must not underestimate yourself, as a partner may start to impose him/herself and push for their needs as they pick up a certain lack of confidence in you. You must feel entitled to be fulfilled or have your needs met in your marriage, don't accept a status quo that's not satisfactory just because you are reluctant to start pushing against the flow. The problem now is that you need harmony and support, you are emotionally in need of a good relationship, but that can make you too compromising and you can accept getting less, in exchange for stability.

Relationships you entered at the end of last year may deteriorate this month and you may spend time apart. You need comfort and some consistency in love, and so if a partner is becoming more unreliable and erratic, you may need to pause the relationship for a break or even terminate it before it drives you crazy.

While rollercoaster relationships which take you up high, then dump you down are rather addictive this month, like all addictions they are destructive and you don't want to be doing that to yourself, it's stressful and not conducive to good mental health for Taurus.

Things move very rapidly financially this month; opportunities come and go quickly, and you need to be audacious to take these chances as there won't be much time to think.

New technology or science are often intrinsic to these new opportunities. Remember to think for yourself, don't accept anything as true without investigating further. It's important to use your intuition combined with logic, as you cannot be too logical, you need that little bit of lateral thinking which takes you beyond the logic, so that you can make that leap forward. It's a very good time to scenario build and envisage multiple options, even the far-out ones, or should I say especially the far-out ones.

This is a very energetic time ideal for throwing yourself into new projects and getting the ball rolling on a new phase of life. Taurus is one of the most passive signs and yet with Uranus in Taurus being boosted by Mars in Taurus this month, there is an injection of vitality and courage and you are motivated to kick the past onto touch, and to strike out in innovative or even audacious new ways.

Social and political changes often impact your decisions more than they would have in the past, as these events have a direct bearing on your career and future, and you need to adapt to this.

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